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Updated Jan 19 2023 NEWSLETTER #2

CSRA has finalized our plans for the 2023 Snowcross series. All Snowmobile and Snow-Bike race classes will race a minimum of (2) two complete races to finals each race weekend. The CSRA race series will feature (12) National Points race days throughout Ontario and Quebec. The Regional race series will feature (10) points races with the first points event for all race classes taking place at Lindsay Exhibition on January 28-29, with Practice on Friday only.



On behalf of Canadian Snowcross Racing, we welcome you to the 2023 racing season. This newsletter represents general information regarding our CSRA racing classes, rules and safety requirements.
If you are a new competitor, interested in trying Snowcross racing for the
first time, or experienced racer, this newsletter will provide you with the necessary information
to get you started.


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